Friday, 5 September 2008

"Why is everything going down the toilet?"


Birmingham Alabama is a decaying industrial town where even Walmart has closed.

Jane was on her doorstep.

"I don't like Obama."

"Everyone want a black butt, but I want a female, she dropped out too quick, she (Clinton) should be on the ticket with him"

"I don't like the way he talk, he may have a good education...everyone wanted this to be a new change, first black man in the White House. He ain't gonna do any more than the rest of them did.”

"We have nothing in Birmingham...we don't have decent public transportation...we don't have a theatre bar, no pub, we only have what we call the hole in the wall clubs."

"They closed down the gonna pack them all in one school? Like the mega churches, they making mega schools."

"You can't buy a house. Those that are in their home they are foreclosing on them. You can't pay your gas. You can't pay your light. You can't pay your water. You can't buy grocery."

"If there ain't no depression why is everything going down the toilet?"

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