Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Middle Class Summer of Rage

Mark Thomas, comedian starts the Middle Class Summer of Rage by having a picnic outside New Scotland Yard. Westminster, London.

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Iain Aitch said...

Ha! I wondered what the Middle Class summer of discontent was going to look like.

Anonymous said...

An out and out radical display of Cardigan wearing at its finest. Kurt Cobain wore the very same shade with his beat combo Nirvana though I think he had a few more tortoise shell buttons. This is bound to bring the blighters to their knees.


Jess Hurd said...

yes, although I was rather shocked by the marmite sandwiches..

Alan Gallery said...

I know, its not often you see Marmite in aspic.

sionphoto said...

Choose from the Ikea 'Floerme' range of molotovs and 'Whienge' hand painted birchwood placards (from Iceland, can't beat that Scando-design), then pop into the Chelsea Git Panzer for a lazy afternoon of organically sourced, freshly squeezed summer rage with Pippa, Quentin and their lovely kids, Jemima and Aloysisus.'s not just a riot.

It's an M & S riot.