Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Protecting and Serving the People - Police Apology

In August of last year I covered Climate Camp at Kingsnorth Power Station. There was a massive policing operation involving officers drawn from forces all over the country.

The media were filmed and searched entering and leaving the field where the protest camp was.

On one occasion after photographing a rather brutal arrest of protesters who had been filming the police we were detained for over an hour. We were then followed to a restaurant several miles away and were filmed through the window by the police Forward Intelligence Team.

On that particular day I was stopped and searched three times and detained for over two hours.   

This is a copy of the letter of apology I received from the police.

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Thanks to Bindmans Solicitors and the NUJ for their help and support.


David Hoffman said...

Well done in pressing this all the way. They really should have known better than to tangle with Jess Hurd!

Shaun said...

well done jess.

Sergio Alberti said...

In this case, the police here would send you a letter.....of threat!!!

Hugs Jess...
Sergio Alberti

John said...

Good on you! Although it seems the Met and CLP still haven't learned the lesson as this video from the G20 protests clearly shows

Jeremy said...

"I am sorry that you had a bad experience here in Kent and I hope that this will not be the case if you visit us in future."

We shall see!

Jess Hurd said...

I try and avoid Kent, too traumatic.