Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BNP - Off Our Streets

BNP leader Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons flanked by security are forced to flee a press conference by anti fascist protesters. College Green, Westminster. London.

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alan gallery said...

It seems that Nick Griffin can follow instructions - If enough people shout "BNP-Off our streets" he seems eager to oblige. Rarely have I seen such naked fear on anyones face.

Nice of him to exchange a few words with David though he did seem a bit rushed.

Anonymous said...

would love to know what your mate was saying to him....must've really wound him up.. clenched fist the lot! Brilliant!

Hoffman said...

I said that I'd scraped better off my boots. Then I removed his clenched trembling arm from my shoulder, went home and had a shower. My pics at

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman, you took the words from the nation's mouth...well, sadly, almost all.

We live in hope eh!